From HEARTBREAK To Success - The Komal Pandey Story | The Ranveer Show 2 months ago

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Hello Guys! Another inspiring interviews on “The Ranveer Show”. Here is a true heartbreak success story that will bring tears to your eyes along with finding the inspiration and the motivation to get on with life after a bad breakup. Today along with Ranveer Allahbadia you have Komal Pandey, the biggest fashion blogger in India. To explain a brief of Komal Pandey, she is a female who has seen a lot of heartbreaks and rejections in life, which have led to depression. She has been her own hero where after Komal Pandey boyfriend broke up with her, she has turned her heartbreak to success and demonstrates a true breakup motivation. She is one of the female success stories of how in spite of all hardships, she rediscovered herself and found her true passion in FASHION. In this inspiring videos, she tells her heartbreak success story in the Komal Pandey interview of how she learnt to believe herself and became the biggest Indian Fashion Blogger. Komal Pandey makeup, Komal Pandey Saree, Komal Pandey popxo are some of her most popular works that are now part of the Komal Pandey story. Komal Pandey Videos provide insights on latest Komal Pandey collab. Hope you find the motivation to go on after watching this inspiring video as a part of “The Ranveer Show Beerbiceps” on the BeerBiceps channel.

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