Gamer Tip: Use a sports sleeve on your mouse arm! 2 weeks ago

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Using a sports sleeve for gaming sounds a bit crazy, right? But it's not. In warm to hot conditions, you're going to sweat and your skin will start to stick to the desk or arm on the chair. It's ok during winter because you're usually wearing something with long sleeves anyway. You can't wear a jacket when it's hot, so wearing a sleeve designed to keep athletes cool makes sense.

Plus I think it can add an extra level of consistency to your aim if you wear them all year long, because your muscle memory can adjust to that level of friction.

I mentioned this in my other video "Can gamers be healthy" - - but thought it deserved a video of its own.

I don't know what brands to get, but I found the top choice sports sleeves on Amazon, see what you think:



Worth a try if sweat is an issue for you!

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