15 Signs You Are More Mature Than Others 4 months ago

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If you have these signs, you are more mature than others! In psychology, maturity has less to do with the actual age of a person, and more to do with his or her ability to respond to the environment in an appropriate manner. It’s about having control over yourself and your life, taking action, and respecting other people - regardless of differences.

Upon reaching adulthood, we are expected to abandon our childlike tendencies. However, it’s easy to be immature and act out in certain situations - even when someone’s older and is expected to display a mature behavior. Nevertheless, there are countless younger folks who act more maturely than some people much older than them.

Have you ever had people say to you that “you are very mature for your age?” What they really mean by that, is that you are better able to deal with a situation than people your age or older normally would. They have recognized that you are more mature than your friends.

So find out how many mature personality traits you actually possess!


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