The Manipulation Behind Brie Larson & Captain Marvel's Box Office "Success" So Far 2 months ago

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In this video we talk about the obscene amount of manipulation by the people behind Captain Marvel that led to the “successful” $153 Million dollar opening weekend. Everything from the Rotten Tomatoes damage control, censoring fan criticism and removing the not interested option and want to see percentages from the Website altogether, making YT change their search metrics to censor negative criticism of the film or its star actress, deleting 54,000 user reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, spinning the mainstream media into a frenzy discrediting any negative opinion of the film, chalking it up to the straw man argument that sexism is responsible… And an extra note of positive reviews being botted on Rotten Tomatoes after the audience reviews being deleted.

We also talk about the crazy theory going around that they faked or lied the box office numbers or even bought out the tickets themselves due to all of the empty theaters during opening weekend yet still reaching over a hundred million in ticket sales. They could be lying LOL. But the drop so far is real.

We’re just a month away from Avengers Endgame and her involvement in that movie is going to be the catalyst that determines the success of the MCU moving forward imo. She was a mistake, a failure and hopefully they still have time to correct it.

Marvel Studios' first female-led superhero flick starring Brie Larson fails to impress and is scoring way less than expected from the critics' reviews, a critical flop, sitting at an average rating of around 6 out of 10 and a tomatometer in the low 80 percents. From what they say, I guess it's not as great as the SJWs wanted it to be. Disappointing. Boring. Lackluster. Failed. Just some of the common words used to describe it.

Prior to the censorship on Rotten Tomatoes, the ratings declining forced Brie Larson to explain or clarify her previous anti-men comments that don't really align with what was said and no, nothing was taken out of context.

Was Captain Marvel review bombed prior to release? The shill SJW media news outlets claim that anti-SJW trolls and angry men were review bombing the movie on rotten tomatoes when they checked the "not interested" box and gave their reasons for it. Fascinating to see what NPC Disney Marketing has become.

Some people seem to doubt that when the Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase 3 ends, the MCU are going to make Captain Marvel the face of phase 4, but this has been confirmed by the head of Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige. Brie Larson’s SJW nonsense is sabotaging the film pre-release and tainting the possibilities for the established film empire moving forward.

The SJW ideas being pushed forward by Brie Larson and the rest of Marvel lately are sexist, racist, exclusionary, and quite frankly cringe worthy. After Brie notoriously claimed to not care about what 40 year old white men or dudes have to say about A Wrinkle in Time because the movie wasn't made for them during a speech at the Crystal + Lucy Women in Film Awards, she then doubled down on that idea by saying she doesn’t want her press tours being overwhelmingly white male, so they need to be more inclusive and have more diversity. Always about skin color for Brie, just as a bigot would.

We discussed in a previous video how she claimed to have cried through the entirety of Wonder Woman from seeing female warriors that were so self-sufficient, however never wept the same way from the plethora of self-sufficient strong female characters of the past decades.

I've been a fan of Marvel Comics since I was a kid, but phase 4 of the MCU is definitely not looking pretty with all of the propaganda being spewed by the newly turned NPC establishment. Just look at how badly they forced their agenda onto Black Panther. That's what we can expect from the woke brigade, and it translated onto the character of Carol Danvers as well, especially since she's being played by a third wave feminist and is being pushed as a beacon of feminism by the company themselves. Hate to say it but Get Woke, Go Broke. I hope it doesn't end up killing the MCU, but it probably will.

But this is just the patriarchy ringing on her parade.

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