How To Sew A Fishtail Extension To The Back Of A Gown 7 months ago

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In this video I show you how to add a fishtail to the back of any gown you are designing. Perfect for a aspiring Fashion Designer or a Seamstress enthusiast.

Items used in this video
-Muslin Fabric
-Cotton fabric

-How To Make Your Drape Pattern Fit Your Size/Custom Sizes:

-How To Drape A Mermaid Evening Gown:

FAQ: Where did you get your dress form from?
A: Mood Fabrics (11yrs ago)
- What School You Went To?
A: Wood Tobe-Coburn School for Fashion Design
-Where do you buy your fabrics?
A: I shop fabrics in NYC Garment District (Google Search for more info.)
-Can you recommend any online fabric shops?
A: I don't shop fabrics online, so I can't recommend any.

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NOTE: All Items in this video are all purchase by me